No two homes are alike and no
two real estate agents are alike …


That’s why the choice of agent is so important to you.


Your home

Whether you are buying or selling, your home is more than a listing, more than a sale or purchase, it is an investment and a very important part of your life. That’s why your agent must be there for you, every step of the way, giving you insight, feedback and constant up dates.


Lock boxes don’t work – for you

No lock box has ever given anyone good advice, made a decision or closed a sale. You don’t hire a lock box, you hire us and we don’t let a lock box be your only representation. If we have to be there, we are there. We work for you day in and day out, making sure every possibility is considered, every detail covered, every professional step taken. It makes a difference.


Knowledge, experience and trust

It starts with trust—your trust and confidence in the knowledge, experience and representation that we provide. And your assurance comes from our more than three decades of consistent, award-winning performance and more than a thousand satisfied clients.


Over fifty years of success …


Dee & Patrick McGee

Home is where the heart is and Dee and Patrick’s heart is right at home in Port Hope and the Northumberland Hills, which they have called home for many years. Home used to be Toronto, where they worked with Chestnut Park Realty for over 40 years, finding and selling homes for more than two thousand homeowners. And just as they themselves discovered Port Hope, they now do the exploring and discovering for people from Toronto, Ottawa and beyond, as well as for their fellow Northumberland neighbours. As Dee says, “Northumberland is now our bucolic backyard.” Dee and Patrick are always involved in the community’s social fabric, joining, doing, helping and enjoying all the things that make a small town and rolling hills a wonderful place to call home.


Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

Headed by Chris Kapches, a seasoned Real Estate professional, Chestnut Park has not only captured a disproportionately large share of the Toronto marketplace, particularly in the upper end market, but it has also established itself as a firm with an impressive client list, including builders, architects, financial institutions and members of the legal community. The company has achieved this success by attracting only experienced, reputable agents, with an extensive understanding of the marketplace.